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Children`s Magazines
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Stories and interviews, activities, maps, puzzles, recipes, and games. General Social Studies for Young Readers Winner of a 2000 Parents' Choice Silver Honor, 1999 Parent's Guide Children's Media Award! Finally, a Cobblestone-quality magazine for the younger set ages 7 - 9! A one-year subscription to APPLESEEDS brings you: 9 themed issues filled with articles, interviews, and stories, Reading in the content area at its best, Fascinating photographs and original illustrations, Activities and games that develop skills and interest in vocabulary, geography, history, math, and science.


9 Issues


ASK is for 7- to 10-year olds, the most curious and imaginative humans on the planet. Your readers are full of curiosity and imagination. How can you challenge their alert minds and inspire them to grow? Give them ASK (Arts and Sciences for Kids)! With ASK, they'll explore the world with the greatest inventors, artists, thinkers, and scientists of the past and present, discovering how the ideas that shape our lives were formed. They'll read articles written by award-winning children's writers and follow serial stories about a group of young explorers who are excited about discovering the world. Each issue of ASK focuses on a single theme and is sure to bring surprises. ASK will encourage skill with puzzles, word plays, riddles, activities, cartoons, posters, lively art, and photos. Of course, there's no advertising.


6 Issues


A board-book magazine that's just right for small hands. Listening & Learning for Young Readers 6 months - 2 years BABYBUG, the listening and looking magazine for infants and toddlers, is just right for small hands. It's filled with simple stories that entice children to listen to or try to read simple stories, rhythmic rhymes and bright, engaging pictures that babies and parents will delight in sharing again and again. BABYBUG has sturdy cardboard pages, rounded corners, and no staples. Each issue includes a parents' guide with suggestions to make read-aloud time even more enjoyable. It's not just for babies! More and more primary teachers are discovering BABYBUG makes a great supplement for the special-education classroom, too!


9 Issues


The award-winning magazine for all boys. Boys Life is dedicated to making a high-quality magazine. Includes articles on fiction, history, outdoors, non-fiction, science, sports and much more. Published by the Boy Scouts of America. (Ages 7-18)


12 Issues


The World History Magazine for Readers Ages 9 - 14! Winner of the 1998 Golden Lamp Award given by the Educational Press of America! CALLIOPE is a passport to world history. Each issue centres on an exciting and colourful theme that will enhance your students' understanding of their world. Topics featured in CALLIOPE cover framework-mandated subjects in a way no textbook can. Each 52-page, full-colour issue offers articles that broaden the young reader's understanding of a particular theme. Maps, time lines, meaningful illustrations, and art from major museums enrich each issue. Other features such as "Fun With Words," "Past is Present," and "Digging Up the Past,” gain the interest of young readers. No two issues are alike.


9 Issues


CHOPCHOP WON the James Beard Award for new magazine. CHOPCHOP offers great insight into healthy alternatives; A must read for all who care about what kids are eating and want to teach a better path for a healthy life to young people today and even encourage family cooking time -  creativity, yummy recipes and gorgeous photos


4 Issues


A literary magazine for teens and young adults who appreciate terrific writing and quality literature. Its 128 pages of fiction and poetry provide reading that is thought-provoking but entertaining . . . and often humorous.


6 Issues


Encourage a child's natural curiosity about the world. Unlock the Universe Click is the science and discovery magazine for children ages 3 to 7. Click explains how the world works, one intriguing topic at a time. How many different bugs are there? And why are they so weird looking? What do animals eat? Designed and written with the idea that it's never too early to encourage a child's natural curiosity about the world; each issue of Click engages a child's mind and encourages exploration and discovery in the world around them in ways that are challenging, humorous, and fun. Click's 40 full-colour pages are filled with exciting photographs, beautiful illustrations, and stories and articles, poems, games and activities that are both entertaining and thought provoking.


10 Issues


The Magazine that Makes American History Come Alive


9 Issues


CRICKET is the monthly literary magazine for young people ages 9 to 14. It has enough good reading to satisfy all of a young person's many interests. CRICKET is filled with folk tales, fantasy, science fiction, realistic stories, poems, history, biographies, science, crafts, and puzzles. And, most of all, there's lots of fun and humour! For over 25 years, it's won virtually every award given to children's magazines. It's filled with fun: cartoons, crossword puzzles, crafts, and recipes.


9 Issues


Archaeology Ages 9 - 14! DIG, published with the Archaeological Institute of America, lets young people share in the thrill of archaeological discovery while learning about the cultural, scientific, and architectural traits and beliefs of different societies. Recent developments in the field of archaeology form the magazine's core subject matter. Each issue focuses on one theme, providing a broad understanding of the topic. Colourful graphics, photos, puzzles, games, and hands-on projects enhance cognitive and critical thinking skills.


6 Issues


A magazine created for and by girls ages 7-13! Discovery Girls is a forum for girls to both express their ideas/dreams and address their fears. With articles on middle school challenges, inspiring stories about exceptional teens, sports, contests, quizzes, "embarrassing moments", fashion and more!


6 Issues


Disney Junior Magazine is made just for your preschooler! You will get magical storytelling from Mickey and friends as well as Jake and the Never Land Pirates and Handy Mandy. Each issue is filled with playful activities, fun games and coloring pages and cutouts guaranteed to be a hit!


8 Issues


World Cultures & Geography People are naturally curious about other people, and children aged 9 – 14 are no exception. Within each issue's 52 full-colour pages, FACES encourages young readers to build their critical thinking skills as they learn to look at other cultures - and their own - in new perspectives. Photographs, maps, time lines, activities, and contests all add interest as children roam the earth in their reading, one theme at a time. Parents will appreciate FACES' historical information on places in the news as they present topics that move their children’s understanding beyond the headlines. Kids will appreciate the similarities and differences in other children's lives highlighted through individual contributions of essays, poetry, and art.


9 Issues


Each issue of GL is packed with the stuff girls crave—real information and advice—from academic success to peer pressure to time-management and stress-relieving tips; from growing up to boosting self-esteem. Beauty and fashion features, Fun and revealing quizzes, Exclusive celebrity interviews, Cringe-worthy embarrassing moments. GL readers get real, honest advice. Parents can trust GL to guide their girls through the growing-up years—without making them grow up too fast. Girls’ Life offers the BEST combination of fun stuff and valuable information that girls and their parents love! Targeted to 15yr +  


6 Issues


Puzzles to expand young minds Fun learning (Ages 6 - 10)Highlights is an extremely powerful reading tool-from getting them ready to read, to early steps in beginning reading, to polishing existing reading skills-Highlights brings confidence that encourages children to continue their development in this lifelong skill. How do we it? By emphasizing language skills through entertaining features that are so enjoyable, kids come back for more.


12 Issues


From the publishers of Highlights for Children magazine comes a fun publication for kids ages two through six, Highlights High Five magazine. This magazine focuses on your child's development by giving you fun activities to complete together. You and your child will enjoy the stories, poems, crafts, recipes, games, and puzzles, all while preparing him or her for learning to read.  Recipes and crafts give kids self-confidence while hidden pictures, matching games, and other puzzles boost thinking power. Pull-out activities give your child hands-on fun that he or she can do alone or with you.


12 Issues


Humpty Dumpty is full of stories, poems, puzzles, fun activities, crafts and more to engage children age 2 to 6. The magazine's philosophy is to help kids have fun while experiencing creative ways to exercise, eat right, and play safely.


8 Issues


Engage early readers with exciting "I can read" stories.  Stimulate young minds and imaginations with stories, articles, crafts, games, poetry, and humour. Creative, inventive, and fun — this magazine will delight and amuse 6 to 12-year-olds for hours on end.


6 Issues


The last print issue will be September 2014. We recommend trying POPULAR SCIENCE  


0 Issues


Open the Door to Reading LADYBUG is the monthly magazine for young children ages 2 to 6. Kindergarteners and beginning readers love interacting with LADYBUG. Each issue offers page after page of enchanting read-aloud stories and poems by the world's best children's authors, illustrated by award-winning artists. Readers are made not born. Each issue comes with a removable, 4 page activity insert with fun things to cut out and make, building memory and motor skills. Recurring characters like Molly and Emmett hold a special place in readers' hearts. Ear-pleasing poems, easy songs, and games that build memory and motor skills round out each issue. A removable 4-page activity section provides crafts to cut out, make, and enjoy. And LADYBUG has no outside advertising.


9 Issues


Science & Discovery MUSE is a non-fiction magazine for children ages 8 to 14 sponsored by Smithsonian magazine and featuring much of the Smithsonian's research and vast collections that gives fun explanations of how and why the natural world works. MUSE has exciting articles on topics ranging from art to zoology, with just about everything in between. Written and designed to get children to ask questions and think for themselves, Muse explores: How do roller coasters work? What really happened to the dinosaurs? Can you "fix" nature? Do animals think? What is art? Experts in their fields, brimming with the enthusiasm the authors feel for their work, write many of the articles. Muse's 48 full-colour pages offer stunning photographs and vibrant illustrations. And nine wisecracking cartoon Muses inhabit the margins of the magazine, adding humour and insight.


9 Issues


National Geographic World is a colourful publication that targets junior members, aged 8-14, of the National Geographic Society. Features encourage readers to protect the planet's resources and to learn more about geography, adventure, wildlife, science, and youngsters of special distinction from around the world. Educational games, puzzles, and quizzes complete this captivating journal.


10 Issues


Nickelodeon is the award-winning magazine from the No. 1 kids' TV network. The last issue will be the Dec 09/Jan 10 issue


10 Issues


Adventures in Science Winner of a 2000 Parents' Choice Silver Honour! ODYSSEY believes that science is an exciting adventure that can lead to a lifetime of inquiry and satisfaction. That's why acclaimed writers and scientists pack each 52-page themed issue with articles -- information that talks "to" (and not "down to") young readers. ODYSSEY helps children keep pace with the rapidly changing world of science by presenting its most exciting discoveries while preparing children for the challenges and rewards of the future. With ODYSSEY you and your students: get the hottest news in all areas of science from around the world, read interviews with leading scientists, navigate the night sky with Odyssey’s monthly star charts, use activities to breathe life into science learning.


9 Issues


Each monthly issue of Ranger Rick is specially designed to appeal to today's active, inquisitive kids aged 7-12. The pages are bright and glossy, visually exciting, filled with colourful animal photos, funny drawings, exciting stories, and intriguing bits of information that keep boys and girls turning pages, looking closer, and eager to find out more.


10 Issues


Ranger Rick Jr. is uniquely designed and written for younger children ages 4 to 7, A full-sized magazine with 36 pages, more than Big Backyard magazine, Designed especially for developing readers with larger text and shorter stories, Perfect for parent-child reading time, A full-sized poster in every issue, Loads of fun games and nature crafts.


10 Issues


Weave a Web of Wonder SPIDER is the monthly magazine for kids ages 6 to 9. It's designed and written to intrigue kids at that critical time when they begin to read and think and learn for themselves. It is fun and challenging for independent young readers. Every issue is filled with lively stories and poems, fascinating articles written by world-famous children's authors and intriguing puzzles and projects, all designed to capture the hearts and minds of beginning readers. There are games, activities, jokes, and multicultural stories that will challenge and hold the attention of even the brightest child. And there's no advertising!


9 Issues


The only magazine made up entirely of the creative work of children. (Ages 8-14) children love reading the extraordinary stories, poems, and book reviews by their peers included in this handsome magazine. Young artists wonderfully illustrate each issue. Budding writers and artists are inspired to create and submit their own work.


6 Issues


Ranger Rick Jr. will replace Your Big Backyard magazines starting with the December 2012 issue.
Ranger Rick Jr. is uniquely designed and written for younger children ages 4 to 7, A full-sized magazine with 36 pages, more than Big Backyard magazine,  Designed especially for developing readers with larger text and shorter stories,  Perfect for parent-child reading time, A full-sized poster in every issue, Loads of fun games and nature crafts.


0 Issues


YUM Food & Fun, is for the modern parent who cares about family time in the kitchen. Filled with quick, effortless recipes and party ideas, YUM Food & Fun for Kids is a magazine both parents and children will love.


4 Issues


Zoobooks are the all-in-one, everything-you-wanted-to-know-but-didn’t-know-who-to-ask guide to the world’s most fascinating animals, birds, reptiles, and insects. Each monthly issue has 24 pages of striking wildlife photography, insightful writing, colourful illustrations, and diagrams that explain in simple terms things that make "animal facts" come alive for your child. The animal series from A to Z - Alligators to Zebras. Beautiful photos and illustrations, lively education text. The photos and text come together to make reading easier - motivating your child to become a better reader!


12 Issues

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